Prestige Funds Islamic Impact Investment Fund Seeded by Middle East Investor

Prestige Funds Islamic Impact Investment Fund Seeded by Middle East Investor First Islamic – Impact fund from specialist private finance manager, now live Targets smaller companies and renewable energy projects in the UK Seeded by large investor in the Middle East Prestige Funds, one of the leading specialist private debt investment managers in the UK,

Prestige Funds’ Agri / Renewable Finance Arranger Secures GBP 90 Million Climate Investment Partnership with Investec

Privilege Finance has entered long term partnership with Investec Financing to support funding of anaerobic digestion (AD) projects in the UK GBP 30 million of finance already deployed in AD sector Prestige Funds’ dedicated, specialist Finance Arranger – Privilege Finance has entered into a long-term partnership with Investec Bank plc (“Investec”) which will release up

Prestige Funds – to offer New Private Finance Fund targeted at USA based opportunities

Prestige Group, a specialist private lending asset manager with a successful 12-year track record in the private debt market, is adding a new US strategy to its existing range of successful alternative credit funds. Targets smaller companies across a range of commercial / industrial sectors in the USA Backed by a highly experienced commercial finance

A Different World, a Greener World?

In July 2020, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a GBP 3 billion stimulus package as part of his Summer Economic Update to Parliament. This was targeted specifically at the UK’s ‘green’ economy and was composed of a combination of grants, subsidies and loans. This included GBP 1 billion for a Public Energy Fund that is intended to decarbonise public sector buildings.

UK SME Sector: a lot tougher than it looks in the headlines

As we move into 2021 many of the unknowns of 2020 have become the knowns of 2021 – the US election has taken place and we have a new president about to be sworn into office. An initial Brexit treaty has been negotiated and the UK has left the European Union. The UK is also leading the way in the deployment of new vaccines which signal the possibility of the end of the pandemic this year.