Investing in Prestige Funds

You purchase shares in one or several unquoted unitised Fund companies operated by Affiliates of Prestige. Prestige Funds has appointed Mitsubishi Fund Services Limited to provide investors with share settlement facilities.

About Us

Submitting a new application

We only accept new direct investment applications through financial advisors or financial institutions which can advise you whether an investment in the fund is suitable for you.

Making the right investment decision is important and we want you to feel comfortable and informed about investing in a Prestige fund.  We do not provide financial or tax advice and recommend that you speak to a suitable qualified advisor before making an application.


Reasons to Invest with Prestige

  • Committed to delivering consistent absolute returns for investors
  • Provides innovative investment solutions
  • Continuous research, development and market knowledge
  • Continually evolving to remain flexible with a competitive edge
  • Diversified investment portfolios
  • Consistent returns with low volatility
  • Uncorrelated returns¬†providing a unique diversifying asset class to modern investment portfolios

Third Party Investment Analysis Providers

  • Bloomberg
  • Morningstar
  • Preqin
  • Lipper
  • Camradata
  • Global Fund Watch
  • Fundbase
  • Swiss Fund Data AG
  • Financial Express
  • Mercer

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If you have any queries or require assistance or further information on how to invest, please contact us.

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