Prestige launches direct lending fund aimed at UK and Ireland agri businesses.

Prime Alternative Finance Fund

A Diversified Alternative Credit Fund – for the modern macro environment

Prestige is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new investment opportunity – Prime Alternative Finance Fund (‘PRIME’) – an experienced investor alternative credit fund that endeavours to generate positive returns over the medium term and across different economic cycles while attempting to operate with lower volatility and correlation to traditional fixed income strategies. PRIME seeks to achieve this by strategically and tactically allocating to a diverse range of investment / loans opportunities with a strong focus on agriculture, food and farming related Small / Medium Enterprise (SME).

Key factors to note about Prime Alternative Finance are:

  • A dedicated, regulated fund investing in agricultural loans in the rapidly expanding credit market
  • Managed by an experienced team with solid knowledge of private debt and capital markets
  • Draws on Prestige’s expertise of more than 10 years managing successful alternative credit funds
  • Low correlation to traditional public markets – bonds and equities
  • Zero performance fee
  • Luxembourg AIF regulated SICAV
  • Over USD 1.7 billion raised from international investors over the past 10 years

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