• First Islamic – Impact fund from specialist private finance manager
  • Targets smaller companies and renewable energy projects in the UK
  • Backed by a highly experienced commercial finance team in Cambridge, England

Prestige Funds, one of the leading specialist private debt investment managers in the UK, has launched the ‘Premium Alziraea Fund’, a Shariah-compliant real assets and project financing fund targeted at the renewables and agriculture sector in the UK.

The new Cayman Islands-domiciled Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of secured asset and project-based finance projects many of which may be or are backed by the UK Government. The Fund’s strategy has a low correlation to equity, bond or commodity markets.

The Fund will be investing across a broad portfolio of projects and small businesses with a focus on UK agricultural, horticultural and rural small businesses which have historically operated with lower defaults than other sectors.

The Fund will operate as an open-ended vehicle although it will have a one year lock up and monthly liquidity on 90 – 180 days. The Fund will be aimed at Islamic institutional investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios and will be available in accumulation and distribution share classes in GBP / USD / EUR currencies. The target asset raise in year one will be USD 50 – 75 million, although the current investible opportunity pipeline stands at GBP 500 – 700 million / USD 685 – 960 million over the next 1-3 years.

The Premium Alziraea Fund will follow a similar project / financing investment strategy managed by Prestige Fund Management which has generated positive, consistent, uncorrelated returns for over 12 years and has approximately USD 750 million of assets under management.

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